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All Metallica Instrumentals Review

Thrash Metal pioneer Metallica have produced some excellent instrumental as well. They have released ten studio albums. On that Ten albums, they have written 5 instrumentals.  And I can assure that those 5 instrumentals are pretty awesome. The Instrumentals are found in their first four albums and ninth album.

Top Metallica Instrumentals

Top Metallica Instrumentals

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth – Kill ‘Em All

This is actually bass solo played in the first Metallica studio album Kill ‘Em All. According to some people, it is the hardest song to play on the bass guitar. It was composed by Cliff Burton the legendary Metallica Bassist who died in a bus crash in 1986 when the band was touring for promoting their third album Master of Puppets.

The Call of Ktulu – Ride the Lightning

The last number of Metallica’s second studio album Ride The Lightning. It starts with a slow and nice manner and gradually picks up the pace. It has fantastic drumming at the ending. It is one of the favourites of Metallica fans. Starts with the guitar plucking which changes phases continuously and creates a mysterious environmental. The distorted part is accompanied by some bass played with effects. It was a great job by Cliff.

Check out The Call of Ktulu.

Orion – Master of Puppets

It is from the great album Master of Puppets. Third Metallica album contains this creative instrumental. Starts with the bass solo and afterwards, this great heavy riff is there. Trademark Kirk Hammet Solo made the solo melodious. The middle section has good bass solo again. Then comes the harmonised solo. The main solo is also a killing one. Check out the song –

To Live Is to Die – …And Justice For All

It is from the fourth album. It is a tribute song to Cliff Burton. Personally, it is my favourite. It has a clean guitar intro followed by a heavy riff. And then again the melodious plucking and solo. In the middle the Kirk Hammet solo is fantastic. Finally again that clean guitar outro. Check out, please –


Suicide & Redemption – Death Magnetic

From their 9th studio album. It is also an epic instrumental. Very Heavy crunchy with some melodious parts. The riffs are heavy and mind-blowing. Check the song here


After Death Magnetic Hardwired …..To Self-Destruct is released on 2016. But it doesn’t have any instrumentals on it. So let us hope that in the upcoming albums we will be having some more Metallica instrumentals.

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