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Metallica Reveals The Tragic Inspiration Behind “Here Comes Revenge”

Here Comes Revenge is a song from Metallica’s Hardwired … To Self-Destruct album. The tragic inspiration behind the composition of Here Comes Revenge is recently discussed by Metallica frontman James Hetfield while having a chat with Marky Ramone of Virgin Radio. You will find the video below.


So we came to know that the idea of composing this song came from the sufferings from one of the Metallica fans. A couple is always seen in Metallica concerts. They were into Metallica because their younger daughter was a big fan of Metallica. She was killed by a drunk driver. So while composting the song Metallica was keeping themselves in the shoes of their fans. James Hetfield added he couldn’t believe how that couple found something so positive in Metallica songs that help them to reconnect with their daughter. So without walking through the road of revenge and rage, they have found peace in Metallica songs.  So keeping in mind the sufferings of the fans the song was written. They tried to empathize the couple in every possible way with that song.


The official music video for Here Comes Revenge tells a different meaning. An anthropomorphised creature is seen living in his house and hunting female animals of different species and also makes trophies from their heads and dresses. His next victim was a housewife who is actually a deer. But before he gets his hands on her the vengeful ghosts of his past victims hunt the creature. Check the song and the music video here-


The video has a combination of horror and mystery. Check the following video – The Making of Here Comes Revenge –

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