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Slayer Announced One Last World Tour

Today on 22 January 2018 a video is published Slayer’s official Facebook page about Slayer’s final world tour. It was quite a disturbing news for the slayer fans. That very short video is a summary of slayers journey. It says that end is near and Slayer is ready for one last tour.  According to the page, it seems that it will be the farewell tour for the Slayer. The schedule is not yet announced but it will be a world tour. For about 35 years Slayer has entertained its fans relentlessly. See The video published on the Slayer’s Facebook Page 



If the announcement is true it will be a sad day for the thrash metal. And the world tour will be a hell of a tour including Testament, Behemoth, Anthrax, Lamb of God with Slayer. But it will be a huge loss for the metal world and the fans. The metal community will be feeling a huge gap as they will be a losing a staple. Many people were saying that Slayer should have retired after the death of Jeff Hanneman in 2013. They could have done that easily. But they carried one with the guitarist Gary Holt from Exodus. Also in an interview in 2016 Slayer frontman Tom Araya said that his priorities are changed as he is a family man now. On that interview, he clearly expressed that may be very soon they will be ending their beautiful journey. Here in this video, Tom Araya talks about the future of the Slayer and also some business issues. But a band like Slayer is immortalized in the heart of their fans.


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