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Slayer Announced Their Farewell Tour Schedule 2018

Slayer announced the schedule of their final world tour. The tour will be inaugurated on 10th May in a place where all it began in Southern California, San Diego. In this unforgettable and immortal tour, Slayer will be accompanied by Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament and Behemoth. Slayer Announced their last tour on 22 January 2018. Check this video The end is near One last world tour by Slayer 

Slayer Announced Farewell Tour Dates

Schedule of Slayer’s One Last World Tour

On that day a short video was published on Slayer’s official FB page informing about their one last world tour. That was quite a disturbing news for the die-hard Slayer fans. The reaction of the fans spread out through the YouTube videos. After 35 years of years of unresisting journey, the great thrash metal band Slayer is going to draw the line of conclusion. Slayer one of the pioneers of thrash metal entertained the fans relentlessly for 35 years. So fans don’t want to miss this ultimate tour. Now as the tour dates are released people can collect the tickets to have one last look at the thrash legends. The tour will be officially starting on 10 May 2018 at Valley View Casio Center in Southern California. It will be ending on Texas on June 20, 2018.


Check out the tour dates of Slayers Final Tour


Slayer Final Tour Dates 2018

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