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Spit Out the Bone – Best Song of Hardwired … To Self-Destruct

Hardwired … To Self Destruct the latest studio album of Metallica released on 2016 has quite a few songs which gave the fans enormous joy. It is 3 Disc album having 26 songs. The first 2 CDs have all the new songs. The last disc is compiled of cover songs, live songs from concerts and the single Lords of Summer (released previously).

Metallica Spit Out the Bone song

The whole album was very good.  The sound quality and composition are very balanced. But the song Spit out the bone was something out of the box. It was beyond the expectation. The vocals, the guitars, bass and drums all seemed very awesome. Even I liked the music video too. Check the whole song here in the official music video of Spit Out The Bone.


The song starts with pure thrash. And as the time goes the song gets better. The James Hetfield’s vocal killed everything. It was full of attack and sounded really great. It has everything you want. It has the bass solo, double beat drums, harmonised solos, excellent heavy riffs. The main solo was also very cool. The music video is also a cool one. Last year Metallica performed Spit Out The Bone for the very first time in London. I think it is the most awesome live debut. Here’s the awesome video-

And here’s the awesome video of “The making of Spit Out The Bone “

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