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Top James Hetfield Solos You noticed or not !! ??

Since the 80’s Metallica is making great music. And from the beginning, James Hetfield is kicking ass. He has given awesome vocals to all the Metallica songs and has written a number of great riffs. But many of you are not aware of the fact that he can compose and play great solos too. Yeeaahh !! you heard it right. Today I will be pointing out the solos written by James.

Great Solos Composed by James Hetfield

Top James Hetfield Solos

Here is the list of solos played by James Hetfield on studio and live. Some of these are so great even Kirk’s solo seems to have losing its charm. So let’s begin –

Just a Bullet Away

It is an EP released on 2011. It has a solo played by the master James Hetfield.

Suicide and Redemption

An instrumental of the album Death Magnetic, released in September 2008. The instrumental itself is very heavy and awesome. The James’s solo in the middle makes it more elegant. After that Kirk Hammet plays his part with his trademark Wah effect. But honestly, I like the Hetfield solo than the Kirk’s.

Turn The Page

It is from the album Garage Inc. released on November 23, 1998. This album is actually a compilation of cover songs. This song was originally done by Bob Serger. The solo was played by James. And it was a very good cover.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

An easy composition but great song with some bass solo intro by the legendary Cliff Burton. It is from Second Metallica album Ride the Lightning. This song mostly played in all the Metallica live shows. There is a cool harmonized solo played by James and Kirk.

The Outlaw Torn

It is from the Album Load released in June 1996. It is one of my least favourite Albums. But the solo of The Outlaw Torn was played by Mr James Hetfield.


The great song from the great album  …. And Justice for All.  The blackened harmonised solo was played by the two guitarists Kirk and James.

The Day that Never Comes

Nice song from the album Death Magnetic. There is a harmonised solo in it. So … gues who played it.

Fight Fire With Fire

From the album Ride the lightning. It has a harmonised solo.

Whiskey in the Jar

It is also from the Cover album Garage Inc. It is a traditional Irish song. The solo was actually very soothing. Played by James Hetfield.


From the garage Inc. It is a Motorhead song covered by Metallica.


What can I say ?? It is the only instrumental from the great Master of Puppets album released in 1986. Two harmonised solos are there. And James nailed it.


My most favourite Metallica song and probably the most awesome song Metallica ever made. The harmonised parts are well arranged by the guitarists. Oh .. it is from the Justice album.

My friend of Misery

It is a song from the self-titled Metallica album or the “BLACK” album. The song was released in 1991. It has a harmonised solo.

Master of Puppets

The name tells you everything. The very good solo by James Hetfield in the middle part and after that the harmonised part. This solo can easily steal the hearts of people.

Nothing Else Matters

The great ballade from The Black Album. The song ends with a fantastic James solo. Umm … a great treat for the ears.

To live is to Die

Great instrumental from the  … And Justice for All album.  great solo in the middle part feels great. Played by Mr Hetfield.

Thanks all for reading.


Metallica Fan 😉


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