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What James Hetfield Thinks about Donald Trump

Metallica never exposed their political views in their songs. Unlike Megadeth where they sometimes express their views on different political and social issues. But recently lead guitarist Kirk Hammet and Drummer Lars Ulrich expressed their opinion about the president. Kirk mentioned that president-elect doesn’t have a sense of right and wrong. But the Metallica frontman James Hetfield likes to keep his political views within himself. Metallica from the beginning has a tradition of not getting involved in the issues which can be considered divisive. James Hetfield is still on that track.

What James hetfield Thinks about Donald Trump

Though everyone has some opinions about President Donald Trump, Hetfield likes to keep his opinion to himself. We came to know this info when James was in an interview with the journalist Claudio Vergara of the Chilean News Paper La Tercera

James Hetfield likes to think himself as a vocalist and guitarist of Metallica who hates people. Politics is not important to him. He always likes to connect with people through music. Politics can create division in people. He also mentioned if he expresses his thoughts about a politician then some people can start to hate him too. So he is looking for the balance.

Metallica drummer Lars and lead guitarist Kirk have some different opinions. They both have expressed their dislike about Trump. We will talk about that issue some other time.

Information from: Blabbermouth.

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